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When to Ask for a Printing Quote

Waiting until the last minute to get a price quote on a print job can be a costly mistake. Chances are that if you’ve already gone through all the steps in the process and are ready to go to print, you will pretty much agree to any price the printer quotes you because it wouldn’t be worth it to start all over again with a different printer. To avoid being stuck in this situation, find a printer that you feel you can trust and consult with them at the beginning stages of your project. Explain to them what you want to do, how much you want to spend and in what areas you are willing to be flexible. They can help you find the right specifications for your budget and goals. Then contact a handful of printers and ask for a quote based on those specifications.

Even if you don’t consult with a printing expert early on, make sure you have a pretty good idea of how you want your project to be printed. Giving a printer vague or incomplete specifications will generate a quote that might be thousands of dollars off from the actual cost of your job. In the printing process, surprises are never good. Especially when it comes to costs. So do your homework, be specific and ask for quotes before getting too deeply involved with one printer.

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