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What options do I have in terms of binding?

1. Perfect binding - The outside edges of each page are glued together to creat a flat edge. This method works best for books, corporate reports, manuals, brochures and annual reports.

2. Saddle-stitch binding - This method uses one or more staples on the fold. Saddle-stitch binding is ideal for booklets, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers and catalogs.

3. Side-stitch binding - Similar to saddle-stitch binding, except that pages are stapled together on the side rather than the fold. This method is great for booklets, brochures, direct mailers, and pamphlets.

4. Case binding - This is as good as it gets. Pages are sewn together and adhered to a hard cover.

5. Plastic comb binding - (aka GBC Binding or GBC Bound) Plastic teeth are fitting into a stack of pages. This type of binding is most commonly used for business reports, presentations, term papers and other similar documents.

6. Three-ring binding - Think grade school. To use this binding option, you simply use a three-ring hole punch (printers call it a 3-Hole Drill) on a stack of papers and then fit them into a three-hole binder.

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