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Type of Printing Press for Your Printing Project

The two major types of "ink on paper" printing presses are Web Press and Sheetfed Press. Choosing the right type of press for your project depends on what you are printing and how many copies you need. Before choosing a printer and moving ahead with your print job, make sure to ask them which type of press they use and if it is the appropriate choice for your project.

Web Presses deliver a complete, unbroken sheet thatís usually ready for binding. They also run at a much higher speed and can perform finishing tasks such as folding or gluing.

Sheetfed Presses deliver a large, flat sheet of paper and further work is needed for the paper to be ready for finishing and binding. Sheetfed presses can also run thicker stocks of paper, while web presses run primarily newsprint and other thin paper stocks.

An easy way to determine which type of press to use is by determining the number of prints you need. If you need more than 25,000, then you should choose a printer that uses a web press. If it is a shorter run and quality is important, you will want to go with a sheetfed press.

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