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Tips on how to choose a Printing Company

Choosing the right printer can be a tricky process, but it is essential that you make the right choice or else you will go through a very costly and frustrating learning experience. So what makes for a good printer? Communication, equipment and cost. If a printer is not available by phone or email during regular business hours to answer your questions or concerns; doesn’t have the machines and technology necessary to complete your project exactly to your specifications or quotes a price that is well outside of your budget, then it is time to take your project elsewhere. Here are some important factors that you should consider when choosing a printer.

Keep your Options Open

As you search for the right printer, it is important to keep track of the different printers you come across. This way you can rank different printers based on factors such as quality and cost. Then, if in the future, you have a project that is more dependent on cost than quality, you will have the name of the ideal printer in hand, and vice-versa.

Who Should I Listen to?

Who can you trust when asking around about printers? Sales reps at print shops are obviously going to lobby as hard as they can for your business, and they can’t be expected to be impartial. Your best option is to stick to word of mouth recommendations from colleagues or past customers.


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Quality printers will usually offer to show you samples and help in choosing the right paper stock and size. Remember this as you compare printers.

Don’t Plan as You Go

Prior to beginning any print job, you should already have all the details finalized. How many copies, where they will be sent, when they will be needed and how long they will take to get from the printer to the final destination. Some common challenges to look out for are:

•Trade shows can have limits on times and dates for deliveries and may require a booth number.
•Overnight delivery can be extremely expensive if you have a number of heavy boxes.
•Always get the tracking numbers from the printer.
•What are the business hours? The recipient may not be there to accept a package at 8AM.

Time to Print

So you’ve chosen a printer that is always available to answer your questions, has the newest machines and technology and provided a quote that fit into your budget. Now you can take that trip to the Bahamas that you’ve always wanted and wait for the job to be finished, right? Wrong. Even with the best printer there is always a chance that something could go wrong or will need to be changed midway through the process. Staying involved throughout the process by visiting the printer for press checks and requesting proofs will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and will also allow you to learn about the process so you can make an even more informed decision the next time around.

Ask for Samples

There is no worse feeling than printing 20,000 copies of a brochure only to realize that there is a typo or error that nobody caught. Make sure to ask your printer for a few samples before approving the final run. This way you and your team can do a final check to make sure everything looks right and that your print job was completed to your specifications.

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