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Paper Options That Can Save Money

If you are on a budget, but donít want to compromise on color, binding, graphics, etc, then your best option is to look at different paper options.

One way to save money is to use a smaller size. Maybe you really enjoyed Life Magazine as a child and wanted to print your publication at a similarly large size. But if youíre starting to creep closer to the edges of your budget and havenít even added in any color yet, it might be time to give up the dream and use a smaller paper size (after all, that could be why Life went bankrupt). Going to a smaller paper size can save a lot of paper, thereby saving money during the print process as well as during distribution.

Another way to save money through paper is to use a lower grade of paper. Some projects absolutely need glossy paper or other specialty paper, but if your project doesnít fall into that category, you should talk to your printer about going to a lower grade. In some cases, going to a different color paper could also save you money. If your printer happens to be overstocked on paper that has a very light cream or grey shading, you might be able to work out a deal and your readers will most likely not even notice the difference.

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