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How to Review Your Final Printed Product

Youíve approved the blueline, double and triple checked everything and now your printer has delivered to your doorstep 10 boxes full of your great new brochure. Time to break out the bubbly and send the brochures down to the mail department, right? Wrong. Very Wrong. Even though youíve made it through a number of reviews and checks, it is possible that both you and the printer missed an error or problem on the document before it went to print. There could also have been a new error introduced during the printing problem. Therefore, it is critical that you run one final check to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Of course, if youíve printed 50,000 copies of a 20-page brochure, you canít be expected to review each and every one (thatís what interns are for). Instead, you should select a handful (5-10) of samples from different areas of different boxes (one from the top, one from the middle, etc) and check each one individually.

If you made any changes on the blueline, make sure they have been captured on the final product. Make sure the pages are in the correct order and that there arenít any missing pages. Check the colors to make sure they are consistent with what you wanted and that they remain consistent across all of the samples you selected for review. If your document was bound or stapled, make sure that the binding is strong enough to withstand a gentle tug and that the staples were put in the right place so that each page can fully open. If you have any perforated pages, make sure the perforations appear and are in the right place.

Check the ink to make sure it is consistent throughout the document and isnít faded, cracked or blotted in any areas.

Remember to check the final product against the specifications you submitted to the printer at the start of the job. You want to make sure that they used the right paper, colors, quantity, binding, etc. It is also important to run this check, because if there is indeed an error, you will want to determine if it was your mistake or the printerís.

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