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How to Receive an Accurate Printing Quote

The more information you can provide to printer, the more accurate price quotation you will receive. Here are a few items you should have on-hand when trying to get a quote from a printer.

•Timing - Tell your printer when you want to start printing and when you want the final product to be delivered. Keep in mind that rush orders can greatly increase the total cost of your job.

•Content Format - You’re printer will want to know what type of files you will be submitting (hard copy, digital, film, scans, etc). If you’re not 100 percent certain what you’ll be using, ask your printer for their preference and for any significant price differences between different formats.

•Size/Quantity - Be sure to at least have a rough idea of the number of copies you will need and the number of pages per copy. Remember to count both sides of the page for a book, brochure or any other publication that will use two-sided printing.

•Binding - Binding can be expensive, so make sure to talk to your printer about your needs and budgetary limitations and ask them for a recommendation.

•Colors - List the colors you want to use and whether or not you will be using full-color or spot color. Also, be sure to identify how many pages will be using color (example, different colors on the cover, but all text on the inside pages)

•Paper - Specify the color, size, stock and quality of the paper you want to use. If you are unsure or indifferent, ask your printer for suggestions based on your project and budget.

•Delivery/Distribution - Some printers can not only print your project, but also distribute the finished product directly to your readers. Make sure to discuss this with your printer. At the very least, find out how much they will charge to send all the copies of the finished product to you (this is especially important if you are printing a large quantity of publications)

Be open and honest with your printer about your budget, expectations, goals and level of understanding on the printing process. You want to make sure that you choose a printer that will be available to answer your questions, will provide you with suggestions on how to save money and has the equipment necessary to handle your project. If during your conversation you get the feeling that they are trying to convince you to go with the most expensive options, it might be time to talk start calling around to other printers.

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