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How to Avoid Errors When Printing on Envelopes

The envelope is the first impression your customer or client will have of you and youíre your company. You could spend thousands of dollars creating a knockout brochure or marketing piece, but if you have the penmanship of a doctor and decide to go ahead and hand address all the envelopes anyway, chances are all that money you spent will be going straight to the bin without the envelope ever being opened. Ok so youíve decided to print out your envelopes. Good choice. But youíre still not out of the woods.

Different parts of an envelope have different layers of paper (the flap in the back, the folds, etc). Ink isnít always evenly spread across these areas and this can result in creases or gaps where the sections meet. There a couple ways to avoid this problem.

One option is to keep each section of printed content confined to areas of the envelope that have a consistent number of layers. An easy way to see if you are doing this correctly without wasting a bunch of envelopes is to align everything as you think it should be and then print it out on a piece of printer paper. Then place the piece of paper over an envelope to see if youíve correctly positioned the text away from folds and changes in layering.

Another option is to print on a flat sheet and then convert that sheet into an envelope. This can be a costly and time consuming process - unless you are a wiz with origami. However, if you can afford it, using this method will give you a higher quality envelope that will stand-out among the crowd in your recipients mailbox.

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