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Color Options That Fit Your Printing Budget

Color is a key component of any print project. Sometimes, however, green is the color that matters most. If you donít have the budget to print in full, four-color, itís time to get creative. Being limited to using only one or two colors doesnít automatically mean youíre project will look flat and boring. Try placing the colors on different areas on the page and/or choose colors that contrast each other in an interesting and eye-catching way.

Another option is to forget about the ink and focus on the paper. Using black ink on colored paper stock is a clever and cost-saving way of creating a two-color result. Remember the color wheels from your elementary school art classes? Try printing a screen of one color and placing it over a screen of another, youíll end up with a third color. Talk to your printer before starting on your job for more suggestions on how to save money without sacrificing quality.

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