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What information does my printer need from me?

The first thing to do before starting a project is to find a list of printers and obtain quotes from each of them. It is important to do this first, because youíll be able to find out what fits in your budget and what type of changes you might have to make to your project in order to meet the printerís specifications.

For example, it would be counterproductive and expensive to design a full-color piece only to find out that your budget will only allow for a two spot-color printing job. It's also a good idea to get several time and money quotes, in writing, as these details can vary widely from printer to printer. You donít want to end up with a project that is two weeks late and costs hundreds of dollars more than you anticipated.

When you talk to a perspective printer, be prepared to tell them the following information:

1. The name of your project.

2. The dimensions and number of pages of the project.

3. The number of colors, process or spot, for the project.

4. The quantity of finished pieces that you'll want.

5. The color, feel and weight of the paper that you want the project printed on.

6. The materials that you will be supplying to the printer (computer files or pasted-up documents).

7. When you need the project completed or delivered.

Your printer will be able to offers some recommendations in terms of paper, matching colors, software acceptability, etc. You can ask if there are any ways that you can save a few dollars by altering the page size of the finished piece, using different colors, etc.

Make sure that you give each of the perspective printers the exact same specifications. That way youíll be able to easily compare the quotes.

This information, combined with your knowledge of the printer, should ensure that your project looks great and is delivered both on time and on budget.

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