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What are Duotones, Duographs, Tritones and Quadtones?

These terms refer to the color process used in a print job.

Duotones are two-color halftone image reproductions. Typically, a duotone will be made up of black and one other color. When creating a duotone print, the two colors should used at different intensities. Doing so will create an image with more subtle coloring the integrity of the image will be maintained. If done correctly, the result is a photograph with greater depth of color than a plain, grayscale photo.

Duographs, or ďfake duotones,Ē are created by printing a one-color halftone over a tint or solid color. The effect is not nearly as effective as a true duotone print and the image loses a great deal of clarity and detail.

Tritones and quadtones are halftones that use three and four colors respectively. Personally, I canít say that Iíve ever seen a print using tritones or quadtones that came out looking very good. If you have four colors, Iíd suggest selecting CMYK inks so that you can have the option of using full-color photographs.

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