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What are the Different Types of Paper Weight?

The standard weight of a paper stock is defined by the weight of 500 standard-sized sheets (such as 17.5" x 22") in pounds. Some different paper weight categories are:

Bond This is the type of paper that you would find around an office being used in a copy machine or for letterhead. It's typically an uncoated paper. 20lb. bond paper is the standard for copy machines while 24lb. paper is usually used for letterhead.

Book paper can be either coated or uncoated with 30100lb. weights for 500 standard-sized sheets. Book paper is typically used for lesser grade projects like books, magazines and posters.

Text (like book paper) is used for books and magazines. However, this paper is of a higher quality. Text paper is also used for annual reports. A common weight for this kind of paper is 7080lb.

Cover is one of the heavier paper stocks. It is typically used for postcards, business cards, paperback book covers, etc. Typical cover stock paper weighs are between 60100lb.

Sticker stock is intended to be printed on only one side. The reverse side is sticky and is covered by a peel-away paper. This stock can be either coated or uncoated.

Heavier papers cost more than the lighter stocks because of the increased costs of production and transportation. Paper weight can also affect mailing costs, so keep this in mind if you are going to be printing and shipping a high quantity of paper.

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