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Coated Paper Stock Versus Uncoated Paper Stock

We all Know that there are papers that have a glossy coat and others that don't. But it is important to know the difference between the two because it can affect your print piece.

Uncoated paper stock usually has a natural rough feel to the paper. Newspapers, cheaper catalogs and paper back books are prime examples of uncoated stock. Uncoated paper stock tends to soak up the ink. It all depends on the quality of paper, how much ink is soaked up. Uncoated tends to give off less of a glare so make it easier on the eyes to read.

Coated paper can come in a glossy or dull finish. Some people can become confused with varnish or plastic lamination that has been applied to the printing piece, but these are two different processes that are added to the printed piece at the end of the process.

When trying to make a decision on when to use coated or uncoated paper stock, just try to remember that uncoated stock is used for newspapers, books and flyer's, forms etc. Coated paper stock is used for good quality pieces such as (brochures, catalogs or mailers).

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