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Whatís a Web Press? Is that an Internet Thing?

First of all, no, web presses donít have anything to do with the internet. Web presses are used to print large quantities (thousands of copies) of magazines, newspapers or catalogs. All of the national publications you see on a newsstand are printed using a web press.

This process is used for mass-producing prints because a web offset press can run much, much faster than ordinary sheet-fed offset presses, while still delivering excellent quality. Also, web presses can typically handle several colors of ink at the same time. In fact, some web presses can print eight or more colors on the same run. These extra color capabilities are usually used for varnishes.

In addition, many web presses also have a lot of finished equipment attached to them, enabling folding, binding, perforating and cutting to all be done on the same machine and at a fast speed.

If it sounds like your print job calls for a web press then discuss this option with your printer.

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