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Methods of Print Binding

Even the best print quality and paper won't matter if your project isn't bound correctly. You don't want to be sitting in a meeting and have your client struggle to turn the page or have pages falling out of your presentation. So choosing the proper binding option is as critical to your project as the printing method, colors or paper. AS always, there are a number of criteria to consider when choosing a binding option including cost, quantity and use. Some binding methods can be done at home by using affordable equipment, while other methods are best left to professionals at a bindery.

Hard Cover Binding - This is the most common method of binding used on hard cover books. The process involves folding and laying on top of one an another and then gauze and glue is applied to the spine and then glued to the hard covers.

Perfect Binding - A few examples of perfect binding are annual report, school year books and text books. This method works best when using 100 or more pages. The pages are cut to a straight edge. The cover is then attached to the glued side of the spine. Keep in mind to leave extra space when you are in the laying out or design stage because after the binding has been applied you will no longer be able to see the inside margins of the pages.

Plastic Comb Binding (or GBC Binding, GBC Bound) This method can be done manually at home or at your office. You just need to buy the binding machine and the plastic teeth. Plastic com binding is mainly used for business reports, manuals etc. This type of binding has plastic grooves that resemble a comb, hence the words plastic comb binding. There are different sizes of plastic comb binding. You must make sure that you add the right amount of pages to the appropriate size of the plastic comb spine. If you overload the page this can cause the plastic comb binding to come apart. But no need to worry the plastic comb spines and the application device are quite inexpensive and easy to acquire. One trip to Staples Business Depot will provide what you need for this print binding process.

Saddle Stitch Binding - Just open any magazine or multi page brochure and you will be sure to see a prime example of saddle stitch binding. You will notice that they have two or more staples along the fold of the printed peace. This is applied by placing the folded product down like a saddle, hence the name saddle stitch binding.

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